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PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!! ~~ Canvas Prints from Anne Taintor: walk faster... the children are catching up


This wasn’t a good idea…

I can't even stop laughing at this.

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15 Delightful Quotes From Kids To Keep Things In Perspective

I laughed the whole way through.

This is my little baby cousin and he is dressed as a smoke detector for Halloween None of us know why but he is really obsessed with smoke detectors That’s all he’s asked for in the way of presents these past two years He calls them “snoke edectors” Also he has a scrapbook of everyone in the family posing with their smoke detectors the end


Job Hunt

Haha xD


What’s That Thing In My Shoe?

I would die

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Danielle Morris on



Phrases That Make Your Blood Run Cold

Phrases That Make Your Blood Run Cold...haha, but so true.


Stop telling me what to do…


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 56 Pics


Two More Days

Ugh, story of my life, transmitted as an never ending monthly rerun...