who ever came up with them is a genus! I still have my very first Teddy Bear....never give it up! They truly are a best friend!!!!

Reasons to love being alive

reasons to love being alive

<3 Swinging.

<3 The smile of someone you've made happy.

<3 Seeing kids grow.

<3 That one person you can talk to about anything.

Of Course

<3 Your voice when you talk through a fan.

Every single one of them

// Angels can fly

Of Course!!!! :)

Sour Gummy Worms #candy #gummyworms #food #pillow #cute #funny #nap #sleep #lazy #hipster

<3 Let us always give thanks to our Heavenly Father for sending our Lord and Savior, King Jesus Christ into the world to die for our sins, and by his blood our conscience has been cleansed, so that we can serve the Living God in peace.............Hebrews 9:14-28

Make breakfast for my love every morning once we live together. Source: perfectbucketlist.tumblr.com


since we can't wear them to school, my weekend wardrobe consists of just sweats

I love 'em

Big Teddy Bears <3