who ever came up with them is a genus! I still have my very first Teddy Bear....never give it up! They truly are a best friend!!!!

Reasons to love being alive

<3 Swinging.

<3 The smile of someone you've made happy.

<3 Waking up to a snow storm.

<3 That one person you can talk to about anything.

Of Course

<3 Your voice when you talk through a fan.

Every single one of them

// Angels can fly

reasons to love being alive

Of Course!!!! :)

<3 Him.

yummy-gummy-in-my-tummy worms, also delicious, but so bad for #food| http://yummy-food-clementina.blogspot.com

THANK YOU JESUS! Love how it is showing the water washing away the letters just as He washes us of sin.

Hi, Friends! <3 <3 You are lovely and important and I'm glad you're alive!

Make breakfast for my love every morning once we live together. Source: perfectbucketlist.tumblr.com

Water Slides = One of the many things i love about #summer