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  • Chelsea Tappen

    The gym cheat sheet: it gives advice on how to work different areas of your body. It also has other inspirational work out tips.

  • Daisy (:

    Your Gym Cheat Sheet #site #fitness #weight #ideas #sweet #gorgeous #health and fitness #healthy #living #life #girl #abs #slim #quotes

  • Katherine Yong

    Gym cheat sheet for trouble areas Check out the website for more

  • Erica Artho

    Trouble areas cheatsheet

  • Lynne M

    Exercis Cheat sheet

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People tend to forget that you can build muscle all you want, but it's proper diet that will help reduce the actual fat.

work out regime. this website has a LOT of exercise/recipe resources

Your daily gym workout cheat sheet - tummy, butt, arms, legs, back, shoulders, calves.

for the 60 minutes on Saturday, I may make Chris and Maddy play badminton! that junk burns calories...and is TOO fun

What to eat before and after your workout. I would recommend coconut or almond milk in place of the low-fat milk for the smoothie. Also, add in a handful of spinach or other green to make the smoothie even more powerful!

P.S. Read an article today about nitrates in foods reducing oxygen expenditure in exercise which lets you work longer at your max. Spinach and beets have a lot of nitrates. If you were curious.

15 minute workout by bettye - has other great workout options as well