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Extatosoma tiaratum (common names Giant Prickly Stick Insect, Spiny Leaf insect, Macleay's Spectre) is a large species of stick insect endemic to Australia

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Stunning Macro Pictures of Insects by Wil Mijer

El bicho palo!!! me encanta!!

The family Fulgoridae is a large group of hemipteran insects, especially abundant and diverse in the tropics, containing over 125 genera worldwide. They are mostly of moderate to large size, many with a superficial resemblance to Lepidoptera due to their brilliant and varied coloration. Various genera and species (especially the genera Fulgora and Pyrops) are sometimes referred to as lanternflies or lanthorn flies, though they do not emit light.

Baltimore Checkerspot, Euphydryas phaeton Host plants: Turtleheads, false foxgloves, plantain, white ash Nectar plants: Lobelia, purple coneflower, Indian blanket

Swallowtails have the greatest diversity of shapes. As a group, the swallowtails have a remarkable diversity of shape compared with the other butterfly familes such as the Whites and Browns. It is the Far Eastern Tropics where they reach their greatest range of forms as this Polyeuctes Swallowtail demonstrates.