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I feel the things that are part of my scattered soul deeply. I think too much. I take in more than what's intended. NYC. From Haiti. Dreamer. Photographer. Website Me Unless stated otherwise the things on here are not mine.

And then there suddenly appeared before me, The only one my arms will hold, I heard somebody whisper please adore me, And when I looked to the moon it turned to gold

This is a love tumblr. Meaning it is about everything that comes with love: the wonderful, the hurt, the distance, the beauty. For those of you in love or waiting for love or recovering from love... I hope you find home here. My name is Juliet....

“Everything seems like a city of dreams, I never know why, but I still miss you. There she’s standing in a field of lights, I close my eyes, and I still miss you. And I still miss you.”