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  • Caitlin Hensel

    Jesse van Dijk Concept Art ((Possible architecture for the capital castle in Ner))

  • Sara Esse

    Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #789

  • Jurre Hehenkamp

    Netherworld Archipelago Concept Art by Jesse van Dijk

  • Phillip McMahan

    fantasy city concept art | Moltee > Concept Art > Netherworld Archipelago - the Capital

  • Tobias Deml

    Very similar to Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings, but inside a cave and with a different architecture - a mindboggling scene. Art designed by Jesse Van Dijk.

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this is kind of what i imagine beneath fairyland (from cathrynne valente's books) looks like.

'Damnation For Beginners' (reworked) by Ian McQue - ianmcque.bigcarte...

Cyberpunk, Cyber City, Futuristic Architecture, Future City by weebasaurus

city in the clouds | #WotA : Oyain is a continent that floats naturally SW of Gaea. Can also be reference for the Heavens of the Alyres #Oyain #Alyres

"New York City" I've been in love with New York since before my first visit, age 16, after being read James and the Giant Peach for the first time age 6 or 7 maybe. I spent some more time there when I was 18 and my visits to the city have stayed in my mind and left a strong impression. Not only is it New York though, Ive always had a fascination with the city and I hope to show that in my work. Laurie Rollitt is a freelance illustrator, artist and designer based in Stoke Newington, London.

William Robinson Leign, Visionary City, 1908 via Retro Future: Glorious Urbanism» DarkRoastedBlend

The City of Naigaleym is located high up in the clouds, above the surface of the world. The Invisible City, or the City of the Night Sky, is kept a secret to all who are not of Elvish kind.

Fantasy Tall Castle born out of a discussion at an exhibition 6 years ago. The Artist “Hayden” used Usual method for that pictures: rough sketch on back of mounting board and also wet work -watercolour and some ink.

The bridge extended only to mid-chasm; there she lived in a castle suspended above her fears. . . . . . . --EDK