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There a entirely beautiful for is the tree wonderfully adorned by winters white planted just so. By the masters hand for this moments enjoyment as these two trees.

Зимна вечер

Nantucket, Massachusetts, U.S - The English side of my family first went to Plymouth, Salem and Nantucket when they came to the Americas. I love Nantucket so much!

Look out on a winter day from inside a warm house

Looking Out The Barn Window - the window frame provides a place for your eyes to rest. love it. - Use an antique window & a print from Hobby Lobby

(david fuller phottograph via le carrousel blog)

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Today you inspired me

magnified snowflakes I was in a snowfall like this once in Gunlock, UT. My sisters and I went for a walk while it snowed and it is one of the most memorable times in my life. We were so enthralled by the wonderfully beautiful flakes as they fell on our co

A little bit of heaven is actually all around us. by Master Ryuho Okawa

Each snowflake is unique in it's beauty.just the way God created it. Like the snowflake, each of us is unique and beautiful just the way God created us.

December …. The last chapter of the year ….

Winter barn in Sweden--oh yeah the "Tomten" have been here! anyone read that book when you were a kid? He was a little elf that went from the house to the barn to check on all the animals, in the quiet of night, trudging through the snow!