That is really what people do. They don't want to pay copay to go to the doctor but then they just make it worst and end up in the hospital with more bills. :(

So true



Story of my life!

OMG this could not be any more true. Happens all the time.

Be nice to nurses; we keep the doctors from accidentally killing you.


haha not quite, but who knows

Never expected this or "Where is/Do you have a restroom?" to be the most commonly asked questions to the pharmacy ...

Hahahahaha yes!

haha omw i want to give this to my dad who is a RN ER nurse haha he gets annoyed with people like this all the time!!!!

I'll fax this to your pharmacy. They'll have it ready in 15 mins, because you are their only customer and they are standing around waiting for.




at times LOL

Yep! haha

I see ... So, your medicine fell down the sink by accident. And it was just your pain pills, not your blood pressure tablets.