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Part 6 CONCLUSION Workshop Orlando FL 3 27 2011 Vortex of Creation Abraham Esther Jerry Hicks

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Allah éprouve celui qu’il aime pour quatre raisons. » Musulman et fier de l\'être

Abraham-Hicks - LET IT BE. San Antonio, April 2010. Abraham give a list of many thing that we should LET BE YouTube (6.06 min)

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Abraham Hicks - You are the creator of You - YouTube. This is an interesting perspective of The Science of Deliberate Creation. It is actually an evolutionary step and the essence of Self-Mastery and delving into the nature of reality to truly understand the process of creation and the science the truth of The Law of Attraction in the process of achieving having all that we want to be, do, have achieve.

Abraham Hicks / Create Positive Expectation✨aah.. become a vibrational sifter!! Energy flows where attention goes.. so if something shows up that is unwanted, then why oh why am I giving it my attention?? The more I continue to observe, give attention to that which is unwanted.. the more I am a vibrational match to that experience and that will sooo continue be my experience, until I shift my attention/ alignment. And it's amazing how quickly the universe responds once I make the shift!!✨ ❤tami

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