My childhood crush on Peter Pan has not ended. I thought I was the only kid who had a crush on him! First crushhh❤

This is EXACTLY how I picture Christian Grey. And despite the fact that I absolutely HATED the books, I'm mildly looking forward to the movie. Mildly. Maybe they can actually find some decent writers... sigh

MATT BOMER not Christian grey! He might be playing Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Matt Bomer is the star of the USA Network television series White Collar and plays ken in the movie Magic Mike.

Debating whether Cooper's hair can look like Jef's. Love it.

Jef Holm -- Utah produces some studs. Jeff Holm, Tigh Gunderson, just to name a few.

Josh Bowman. Such a cutie pie

‘Revenge’ Fame Lands Joshua Bowman In February 2012 ‘GQ’

Mark Wahlberg I don't know him or about him but his smile is really beautiful!!- Ivey

Our favorite hottie celebrity smiles! We've compiled a list of our favorite actor smiles. Who's your fav?