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When we were talking about his long overdue trip, the only places he wanted to go were a disconnected beach. What I wouldn't give to live by a beach...

Exactly! STOP being bitter about a man you CAN'T have!! Just move on!! Your clingy, pathetic, attention tantrums are getting old!! Suck it up and MOVE ON!!


Yoga Journal of a Not-Very-Calm Character #eckharttolle #eckharttollequotes #kurttasche

the key to happiness...just think about it, if you and i, we would accept ourselves and our actual situation just as it is, we would no longer be distracted by unrealistic wishes. We would stop being desperatly heartbroken about things we do not own or can do. As soon as we start to appreciate our individual possibilities and abilities, we can figure out where to start and what to do in order to get happy and satisfied. It's all a matter of understanding and accepting.

{Words to live by}

About a month ago I was talking to my daughter about how much weight I felt I needed to lose in order to be healthy. 50 lbs - ugh! I was complaining about how, if I did it the right way, by losing a pound a week, that it would take me a year to lose that 50 lbs. A year! You know what she said to me? ......