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    Have one person sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others wrote a positive phrase about them. Take a picture to give to each person. A very creative and positive sisterhood event!

    Each student had a sheet of paper with everyone's name on it. They had to write a nice sentence about everyone in the class. Then each student had 20 nice things written about him or her. We put those in a frame. This activity was great because some of the students in my class don't hear about how great they are everyday at home. Now they have a frame that will stay together rather than just some paper stapled. The kids loved hearing about how great they are from their classmates :)

    Leave a legacy. Write it down. Know the power in putting your TRUTH in front of others.

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!They wrote their hopes and dreams in balloons and attached a picture of themselves soaring with them. Make "Oh the Places You Go" Bulletin Board! Love this

    A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people.

    **The Bandaid Lesson - great!** Lesson to explain differentiation to more "that isn't fair" after this demonstration! Good first day of school lesson, love! I love this!!!

    Team Building reunion games, back to school, youth activities. I'll be happy I pinned this later.

    Such a great project idea!

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    Over 600 Icebreakers & Games: Hundreds of ice breaker questions, team building games and warm-up activities for your small group or team by Jennifer Carter. $8.99. yourdailydream.or.... Author: Jennifer Carter. Publisher: Hope Books (October 2, 2011). Publication Date: October 2, 2011. With literally 100’s of icebreaker questions, dozens of activities and team-building games, this book will help you to use icebreakers with ease, ...

    The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. great for teaching that mistakes are ok...and how to learn from mistakes. So great for setting up a positive learning environment. Good for beginning of year

    About once a month, choose a student to receive the "positive postcard" (even mail postcard to their house; nice for parents to know that their child is succeeding/progressing)

    Create your own scratch offs! Can be used as positive behavior reinforcement.

    the person doing the talking is the person doing the learning

    Great idea for social skills group...

    Acrostic Poems Using Students' Names: What a simple and sweet gift for them.

    Click for a whole page of FUN TEAMBUILDERS. Use them at chapter meetings, officer retreats, during the new member program, and more!

    team building activities

    MOPS Team Builder Ice Breaker...Party Game...Snowball Fight... Not just for kids.....write 3 things about yourself on a sheet of white paper. No names on the paper. Wad it up and throw the balls in the air. At the end of 1 minute, everyone grabs the nearest snowball and tries to guess who wrote it.

    5 Things You Should Say to Your Class Every Day