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Before you start with yet another attempt at losing weight with yet another diet, check out this powerful video produced by former yo-yo dieter Kim Kabar.

Beautifully said! Well, that explains some of the jerks I've met along the way... To show me that, that is who I DO NOT want to be, be with or have around in the future.

"No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without the faith in his abilities to reach that goal." -L. Ron Hubbard

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YES! Well, I still admire intelligent people (very much!), but now I ONLY admire them if they are also kind and thoughtful and there is more to their intelligence than cold logic. And I've become decidedly intolerant of mocking and abrasive speech. More

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is leading a worldwide movement uniting nutrition, psychology, science and soul. #EatingPsychology #MindBodyNutrition #IPE

This Woman's Beef With Prettiness Will Leave You Speechless

Poem by Kate Makkai. A question nearly every woman, every little girl has - will I be pretty? I'm not opposed to pretty. I love makeup. I love clothing, and HUGELY GAUDY vintage earrings. But there is much more to me than my appearance, and I don't need to look "flawless". I'm flawed. It's cool. I don't need products to "fix" my complexion. It's fine. I don't need my lips plumped, or my lines erased. My appearance is in no way indicative of my worth. ~Ricrac ♥