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  • Joshua Rice

    Eighteen years later… cute idea to do with favorite old family photos

  • Edie Delin

    Eighteen years later…... Re-enact an old picture

  • Kristin Cervantes

    Eighteen years later…... neat family pic idea

  • Bre Walker

    Eighteen years later :) super cute family photo idea!

  • Elisha Kearns

    Retake an old family photo..... MOMMERS...find an old photo and we can do a "retake" when we take family pictures in November

  • Tracey Wilson

    Eighteen years later… cute idea! :) Love recreating old photos!

  • christi kelly

    cool idea! reenact old photos :)

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Photo recreation done right…BAHAHA That is hilarious! jt

“Back to the Future”, an amazing series of photos by Irina Werning. People were invited to re-create their old photos.

Great idea for a family photo! "Our happily ever after..." when your decide its the end of baby making lol

Recreating Old Family Pictures. I really want to do this Mallory Clark Whitney Clark

Recreating childhood photos - hilarious idea but seriously...some of these shouln't have be reinacted. lol

This is soo neat! Recreate old family photos! New favorite activity to do when the siblings get together! :) Would be cool to do a bunch and give to our parents for Christmas.

Retake old photos

"One family, 30 years - On June 17th every year, my family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.” - Diego Goldberg, Buenos Aires, Argentina

LOL family photo pose idea! Mom & dad kissing & laughing and holding kids upside down. Couple & children photo shoot (Christmas card idea!)