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Sablepoot / Booted Bantam

Booted Bantams - gorgeous

Brahma chickens... I love the pantaloons...

What's your ideal homestead chicken? Check out the Dominique!

Serama Chickens - 1/2 the size of a Bantam <3

Self Blue d'uccle Bantam Chicken Rooster

Splash modern game bantam


Booted bantam

Citroen Mille fleur Belgian Bantam hen

Modern Game Hen Bantam. Look at those gams!

Sebright Bantams. Is this a gorgeous chicken or what?

Buff Brahma Bantam Hen. this web site also has a free Breed Selection tool, that helps you find a breed that suits you/your lifestyle.

AnnaWightKR7I8873web300- This is a bantam d'Uccle Mille Fleur. D'Uccle bantams have many colours- Mille Fleur is one type

Silver Barnevelder Bantam| Greenfire Farms

Bantam Columbian Cochin Cock

Blue Splash Marans Hen

Buff-laced Bantam chick

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam | via My Pet Chicken [love the black & white contrast on these Bantam chickens. The blogger's stories about teaching others how to raise backyard chickens are fascinating.]

Light Sussex. Hens are excellent producers of large, cream-colored or light-brown eggs that they lay through the coldest winter months.

A rooster & his lady