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Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

"Buy less, choose well." - Vivienne Westwood // Quotes and my own mother , Mary Wakefield Sanders, taught this. Such a busy life and this was her daily motto.

How To Create A Core Closet

How To Create A Core Closet

When you get dressed, do you find yourself reaching for those items that you love to wear and feel great in? Do you keep a capsule wardrobe and always include a few items that you know will look great


Wardrobe Essentials for Women- gives you ideas for what to pack when you travel - no skinny jeans for me. Different cuts on the pants


Easy Airport Style Essentials

Introducing, the 37-piece capsule wardrobe from Unfancy via @PureWow

Why You Only Need 37 Items in Your Closet

10 wardrobe staples for spring, styled 10 different ways. These timeless neutrals, watercolor prints and micro stripes are the perfect mix-and-match pieces. We’re taking notes for that weekend getaway where wardrobe versatility and packing light is a must

Whether they’re purposely oversized or smartly tailored, shirtdresses are pretty much spring’s perfect piece.