Oh yes I do! I need a shirt that says this like the I 💜 NY!! Haha

Hahaha so true!


Rope and ride would be fantastic!

I have a pinterest problem..


true life.

.my friends know that this is actually my life motto.

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Im Always Hungry Or Tired Or Both Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Yep, Santa, give me my Pinterest "closet" for Christmas!

#Pinterest #Quotes

This is so me! I used to love so many pictures online- but after I stored over 500 pictures on a computer- I realized there was Pinterest! Now I can save the pics I live without hogging space, and share them without boring my friends who are not like-minded. Yay, Pinterest!


so true!

'copycats we are'


...and I was hooked :)

i do this all the time lol

Thank you, Pinterest. You have provided me with a way to enjoy social networking without the hassle of actually being "social."