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Play makeup!  I wish I had known about this sooner.

Get Beachy Waves Today! You Know You Want To

Cheap dollar store makeup, and dollar store nail polish. Perfect for little girls. My 2 year old love putting makeup on mommy. Pretend makeup made from nail polish. My girls will LOVE this.

Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos.... this is THE greatest thing! i have been on the prowl for the plastic things like this they had when I was a kid..... never any luck. Now I can use some of the ridiculous amount of polish I have for a good cause!

Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos

Play makeup using old makeup containers filled with nail polish. Empty nail polish bottles could have the remainder dried inside the bottle and the brush cleaned for pretend polish.

We Love Being Moms!: Toddler Hairstyles  Hairstyles for the awkward toddler hair growth stage.

30 hairstyles for toddler girls - babies need to look gorgeous too and these hair styles fit the bill just fine. Maybe one day G will have enough hair.

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All Things Legos

mommo design: IN A MINT TIN. Several fun DIY ideas for travel tin distractions. I like the tiny Lego box idea best. Great recycle purpose for your Altoids tins!

Pretend Make-up from nail polish. *Pinner said* Did this for Madison last Christmas went to dollar store  bought cheap makeup  scrapped it out.  gave it to her w/ brushes  a makeup bag such a hit! the make up goes everywhere w/us (no mess! which I LOVE) she puts makeup on everyone that comes over and her dolls of course!"

Genius idea for my toddler girl! Pretend makeup made from nail polish! Pour nail polish in an old makeup container, let dry & kid free mess!

freeze things and let him hammer them out

Keep them busy for hours! A block of ice with treasures frozen inside and a hammer. Great for hot summer days!

Tons of amazing free printable paper dolls!

How to make adorable paper doll activities with these free printable pages. These paper dolls include Princess Dolls, print and color, American Girl Doll, as well as fun dress ups accessories for your little girl. Paper dolls have passed the test of time…

25 Ideas for cardboard boxes! I like the one that's second from the bottom.

25 Cardboard Box Ideas - the ultimate kids toy! -- What kid doesn't love the cardboard box anyways?

Spulletjes in een ijsblok laten vervriezen. De kleuters met allerhande materialen de spulletjes eruit laten halen

Frozen fun - block of ice filled with 'stuff' for the kids to excavate. Cool summer fun Instead of piñata. Tried, The toys break though. Ice flies everywhere.

Way cool

Swim in OODLES of noodles with a Pool Noodle Bath Pit! Simple & frugal fun that lends itself to tons of learning activities. In summer, fill a kiddie pool with these!