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  • Franklyn Jones

    Don Davis - The Stanford torus was proposed during the 1975 NASA Summer Study, conducted at Stanford University, with the purpose of speculating on designs for future space colonies (Gerard O'Neill later proposed his Island One or Bernal sphere as an alternative to the torus). "Stanford torus" refers only to this particular version of the design, as the concept of a ring-shaped rotating space station was previously proposed by Wernher von Braun and Herman Potočnik. Internal view.

  • Debi Walters

    1970s sci fi art

  • wordlessTech

    Impressive 1970s NASA Space colonies concept art

  • Charlene

    Space Colony (Donald Davis) 1970s. I use to look at this picture in a book i had about how we would live in the future. I love it.

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Toroidial Colonies In the 1970s, scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center conducted three different studies into how humanity might build colossal space colonies in the form of giant stations. See the wild ideas put to form in these vintage NASA artist illustrations. Here, an artist depicts the exterior view from one wheel-shaped space colony concept.

Bernal Spheres Population: 10,000. The Bernal Sphere is a point design with a spherical living area. Construction crew at work on the colony. Art work: Don Davis.

Space colony artwork from the 1970s.

Cylinder endcap view with suspension bridge. Don Davis/NASA Ames Research Center.

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