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cutout gift wrap: First wrap a box entirely in silver paper, then fold gold paper around it, leaving impressions where the edges and corners should be; remove. Outline half of a tree on the center of the wrong side of the gold paper, cut along the outer edge of the tree with a utility knife, and fold it outward in a neat crease. Wrap the package with the gold paper, centering the tree.

Gift Wrapping Ideas: it doesn't matter what the gift is, when its wrapped so cute!

I liked the newsprint with the doily and gingham and craft paper and baker's twine. I used Japanese newsprint which I have readily available, and natural parchment paper.

.Great board today, thank you everyone. I realized today that we have never done gifts on words, or if we have its been a long time. So tonight lets do beautiful gifts and gift bags. Sharon hope you find lots for your board ♥

Gifts wrapped in yellow patterned papers, twine, doilies, etc... for decor. Can be used to add height to favor/cake table too.

silver sharpie on plain paper = gorgeous wrapping. I love the geometric print on the middle box.

Knot & Bow: love a collection of lovely stationery-type things

Mini bunting on Vintage wooden spool by acottagelife on Etsy, $12.00. You can make this decoration with string and washi tape for cheap gifts.

✂ That's a Wrap ✂ diy ideas for gift packaging and wrapped presents - feather

Fun and creative way to wrap presents for any occasion! Simple brown paper with a pop of color! Make snowflakes or shapes and then tie with twine! Cute, cheap and you get your craft in for the day.