Alan Cohen

I want to thank my friend who do this for me.. You have no idea the impact it has made on my life. Thank You very very much. It means the world to me and I will always be by ur side!!!

:) Understanding me isn't easy. Maybe it's impossible, but at the very least, I can have someone who understands that I can't always voice my thoughts and loves me no matter what unsaid words are there.

Ahhh, I have found that unbelievably amazing, wonderful, beautiful and loving "someone", and I will NEVER EVER LET GO!!! <3


Honesty is beautiful.



Never speak from a place of hate, jealousy, anger or insecurity | quotes | truth

true words

True friends

Inspirational quote: live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.

True Friends <3

2-27-14-Irony- It is very ironic that Lucia and Ma'Shingayi started attacking Maiguru because they did not like her opinion on the dare the men were doing. They rejected her opinion because they thought her education was a joke. They thought that Maiguru felt superior to them because of her eduction and that is why her opinion was wrong.

❤️ I am lucky to have found mine, hope you find your someone special one day, rushing to marry someone out of lust before finding out the real person he/she may be, is a sure way to disaster! You will find that special person, I truly do feel sorry for those in a wasted time of an unhappy marriage, especially when children are involved with adults in a loveless marriage and stay together to prove a point to someone that you can have that person. Don't forget exes don't care.

I'm trying to do this.

learning this every day.

Very VERY true of myself!!

Be kind....