*Children at Tea Party 1902

The tea party.

"JFK and Caroline Kennedy having a tea party."

tea party

Tea time.

Vintage photo from 1906 - Dogs at a tea party #dogs #pets #Poodles #RatTerriers #Pitbulls #children facebook.com/sodoggonefunny

Helen Marie Magargee at tea time... found photo by CHuck Schneider

Vintage photo, dolls tea party.

Women of Fauberg Treme, New Orleans. 1890's?

tea partys

A Victorian woman and young girl hard at work on the family's laundry, 1870s.

Tea party 1908 SOOOOOOO sweet!

Tea party

Victorian Tea Party

A richly elegant image of Edwardian actress Fannie Ward enjoying a spot of tea. #actress #vintage #Edwardian #Fannie_Ward #1900s #tea #elegant

Vintage photo-bombin'--who is that guy!!? :)

Tea time, c. 1912.

tea party

Awakening from Keto-acidosis: The scientists went to a hospital ward with diabetic children, comatose and dying from diabetic keto-acidosis. This is known as one of medicine's most incredible moments. The scientists went from bed-to-bed and injected the children with the purified extract - insulin. As they injected the last comatose child, the first child injected began to awaken. One by one, all the children awoke from their diabetic comas. A room of death became a place of joy and hope.

❥ innocence . . .