Next crafty project!! Jewelery Resin + all my 4 leaf clovers= Lucky charms

Next crafty project! Jewelery Resin + all my 4 leaf clovers= Lucky charms

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culturenlifestyle: “Stunning Handmade Resin Jewelry Showcases Exotic & Native Australian Flowers Artist and owner of Ocean Petals Art Studio, Jasenka decided to leave behind her professional career as.

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Real pressed flowers pendant - resin handmade jewelry - Veronica longifolia and Geum aleppicum

Every Life Has a Story! - {Roben-Marie Smith} - ICE Resin

You know that saying...

One of the things that we gravitated towards at ICFF was the the number of items made from re-purposed materials. What could be discarded as trash has been re-thought into new objects. One of these was this lamp from Recolector Diseno. And yes, it's made of egg crates...

ICFF Day One: Eggcrate Dancer Lamp from Recolector Diseno

Eggcrate Dancer Lamp, ApartmentTherapy (this was created by Recolector Diseno, but something similar could probably be rigged up at home using egg cartons and the bones of an old cylinder lamp)

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Designs On Lower Back

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Designs And Meanings; Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Ideas/case remember you used to collect four-leaf clovers

Kawaii Resin Charms

Hey guys this is a tutorial showing you how to make cute kawaii resin charms. This video will teach you all the basics of resin making! Please rate, comment,.