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Sock bubbles...it took 3 mins to make & is soooo cool. The kids are gonna love it!

Rainbow Bubble Snakes - Need: Half a waterbottle, rubberband, bubbles (dishsoap/water), food coloring, sock. Steps: Dip sock held by a rubber band on the water bottle in food coloring in dish soap and food coloring and blow. Have fun!

All the recipes for make your own... Playdoh, bath paint, colored pasta, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, finger paints, colored rice, glues, spray paints, pavement paint, and more.

"All the recipes for make your own: Play doh bath paint colored pasta big bubbles sidewalk chalk finger paints colored rice glues spray paints pavement paint & more.

bubble painting...mix food coloring in with bubbles...blow on page...let them pop. | Great Home IdeasGreat Home Ideas

Bubble painting (: Mix food coloring in with bubbles then blow them on paper and let them pop. Big bad bubble by Rubin, Adam. April, bubbles, chocolate : an ABC of poetry. Bubble trouble by Packard, Mary.

bolas de sabão!!!

String bubbles - 2 straws and 1 piece of yarn - string yarn through both straws, tie a knot, then rearrange into a square. Can do bubble 'windows' or use it to blow large bubbles. Get hand wet w/bubble solution and you can stick your hand through it.

Fun kids' science experiment. Make a rainbow in a jar. {Playdough to Plato}

8 Fun & Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Science for kids, kids science, rainbow jar, make a rainbow in a jar. I would try to get plastic peanut butter jars donated for this.

We took dry ice and made bubbles. It was super easy all you need is Dry Ice, an empty container with a tight fitting lid, a tube, a funnel, duct tape, bubble solution and a container to put it in. And you can make these amazing bubbles You just put the funnel in the bubble …

Alien Bubbles- all you need is dry ice, bubble solution, and container with tight fitting lid.

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En vez de frascos desastrosos de goma, haz una esponja con goma.

The Glue Sponge >> Cut a sponge to fit container, and pour glue in. Kids can tap their shapes on the top of the sponge for a thin, even coat of glue - no more puddles!

Popped Bubble Art: Ive done this activity with my kids a few times now and it never fails to fascinate them - and me! Simply color bubble mix with food coloring and blow bubbles onto paper - as the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. It goes without saying that this project is best done outdoors. A great one for those lazy summer afternoons.

Popped Bubble Art

Popped Bubble Art: Simply color bubble mix with food coloring and blow bubbles onto paper. As the bubbles land and pop, they create beautiful works of art. A great kids activity for those lazy summer afternoons

101 Summer Activities to do with Kids

101 Summer Activities to do with Kids

How to make rainbow slime for sensory play - Isn't it gorgeous? We never measure when making slime. Combine equal parts of liquid starch and school glue and mix well to combine. Yep, it's that simple.