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  • Oxfam International

    Plus de 4 000 morts pendant le seul mois du ramadan. Près de 2 millions de réfugiés en Jordanie et au Liban. 7 millions ont besoin d’une aide alimentaire d’urgence en Syrie. #SyriaPeaceTalks Plus d'info:

  • Oxfam International

    More than 4,400 people were killed during in the month of Ramadan alone. There are nearly 2 million refugees now in Jordan and Lebanon. And some 7 million people inside Syria are in need of urgent food aid. Without the international will to stop this, the conflict will continue and more lives will be lost. #SyriaPeaceTalks are needed now!

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Thanks to support from people like you in over 150 countries, Oxfam and partners have now gathered over 100,000 signatures calling for urgent progress on Syria peace talks. That’s roughly equivalent to one for every man, woman and child killed in the conflict to date. We asking charles elliott elliott Thurgood @MFA_Russia @LakhdarBrahimi set a date for #SyriaPeaceTalks.

As the 1 millionth child refugee flees #Syria, we urgently need you to SIGN this petition for #SyriaPeaceTalks and REPIN this photo.

Syria: the cost of conflict infographic - collaborative effort of our creative team Oxfam America

As the conflict enters its fifth year, 3.9 million Syrians are #refugees. This is where they've fled. via @Refugees #Syria #withSyria

Amidst the horrific images coming out of Syria this week, the UN has announced that more than 1 million children from that war-torn country are now refugees. There can be few things more distressing than the experience of war and exile. Children, witnessing violence and displacement so early in their development, are particularly at risk from the effects of trauma and distress. Call for #SyriaPeaceTalks now!

The UN has announced that more than one million children from war-torn Syria are now refugees. There can be few things more distressing than the experience of war and exile. Farah, 10, explains: “We were living in peace and security in Syria. The bombing started and our area was hit. Seven of our neighbors died. When I saw people slaughtered in front of me I was afraid and I started to cry.” #SyriaPeaceTalks now!

The Global Overview 2012: people internally displaced by conflict and violence. 4.9 - 5.5 million people in Colombia alone. At least 3 million people in Syria.

#SyriaCrisis: the number of people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance has doubled in 1 year. #Syria #refugees

Thanks to your help, Oxfam has reached 263,000 people in #SouthSudan with aid in the past 6 months. However, we are struggling to reach more people, as funding is drying up: // cosas que pasan en nuestro mundo

There are countless ways to add up the cost of the horrific conflict in Syria, but maybe none are more profound than the toll it will take on an entire generation of kids. Our infographic captures some of the facts that you may not have heard about the true cost of this conflict.

From "A Syria refugee infographic goes semi-viral" story by Chris Reardon on Storify —

100,000 people dead. The clock is ticking. It's time for peace. Sign the petition calling for #SyriaPeaceTalks now: Still not convinced? Read how Syria's women are stuck in limbo: