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More than 4,400 people were killed during in the month of Ramadan alone. There are nearly 2 million refugees now in Jordan and Lebanon. And some 7 million people inside Syria are in need of urgent food aid. Without the international will to stop this, the conflict will continue and more lives will be lost. #SyriaPeaceTalks are needed now!

Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon, reminisce on how they celebrated #Eid - the festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan - back home. They reflect on how much they've lost, but also how lucky they feel compared to other refugees living in even more dire circumstances. #EidMubarak #Syria

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As of 31 Oct, over 6.5 million people r internally displaced in #Syria, some multiple times, with over 4.1m refugees

As the 1 millionth child refugee flees #Syria, we urgently need you to SIGN this petition for #SyriaPeaceTalks and REPIN this photo.

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Syria conflict: UN in record humanitarian aid appeal

Where Syrian refugees are concentrated. The UN is requesting $2.8bn to help those displaced by the conflict inside #Syria. It is seeking another $4.4bn to help more than 3,250,000 Syrian refugees registered in neighboring countries. #SanctuaryforSyrians

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As the conflict enters its fifth year, 3.9 million Syrians are #refugees. This is where they've fled. via @Refugees #Syria #withSyria

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#SyriaCrisis: the number of people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance has doubled in 1 year. #Syria #refugees

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9 Unbelievable Photos Of A Syrian Refugee Camp In Jordan

The Zaatari Refugee Camp holds roughly 120,000 Syrian refugees: | Unbelievable Photos Of A Syrian Refugee Camp In Jordan

The Global Overview 2012: people internally displaced by conflict and violence. 4.9 - 5.5 million people in Colombia alone. At least 3 million people in Syria.