Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Aurora Borealis


October Aurora by Steve McDougall, via 500px

Aurora Borealis in a view from space

Outer Space

the northern lights from space

aurora borealis gives me goosebumps

Aurora Borealis...the real thing vs. rhinestones...LOL...I sell costume jewelry so...

Aurora borealis above Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon in southeast Iceland.

From space

Volcano Erupting -- Seen From Space

Galactic eruption

view of aurora australis from space

Aurora Borealis/Norhtern Lights - Yellowknife, Canada. It looks the the hill in Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!!

Aurora From Space


These northern lights in Finland and they just look like such beautiful white ribbons being dragged thru the sky

Aurora Borealis

Beautiful Aurora Borealis - Beautiful Aurora Borealis.jpg