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    The Endurance - Shackleton - Google Search

    The Rescue Ship, "Endurance" Expidition

    british antartic expedition 1907

    Thomas Crean, the "Irish Giant," holding sled dog puppies for the Endurance Expedition. 7 February 1915

    The Endurance Expedition, 1914–17, conceived by Sir Ernest Shackleton

    Frank Hurley, "Endurance" expidition photographer


    The ship 'Endurance' frozen in by ice during the 1914 - 1916 expedition to the Antarctic led by Shackleton. Crew members desperately tried to clear the ice with pick axes but the ship eventually froze in and was broken up. Pictured in front of the ship are the sled dogs outside their iced kennels.

    The Endurance

    Matthew Henson was an American explorer who accompanied Robert Peary, most famously on an expedition intended to reach the Geographic North Pole in 1909. Due to his being black and his status as Peary's employee, he never reached the same fame as Peary in an America where racist views were still common. Peary first employed Henson on his 1888 mission to Nicaragua. Henson accompanied Peary on his next seven voyages to the Arctic

    Frank Wild and Ernest Shackleton with the crushed Endurance

    Sir Ernest Shackleton

    'Endurance' in the ice

    Balto was the lead sled dog on the last leg of a famous medical delivery to Nome, Alaska, in 1925, and as a result, the founding dog of the current Iditarod Race. One can only wonder how sled dogs today think about his feat. photo by Michelle Thomison (Balto looks a lot like my malamute mix Aleu!)

    Aboard the Endurance

    Notes from the Pack - a dog blog. Brave sled dogs on Shackleton's Antarctic expedition.


    Ernest Shackleton

    Voyage of the Endurance - stranded on ice for over two years, yet every man survived #shackelton #endurance

    Frank Wild