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    Throw dice in with any math station and kids are pumped - here's a ton of dice games!



    • Shannon Goings

      In case I ever have to teach math again...Throw dice in with any math station and kids are pumped - here's a ton of dice games!

    • Carrie Janak

      40+ resources involving dice. Math games, printable dice, virtual dice, math centers, ancient dice games, create your own dice, and much more! via math ideas

    • Becky Boyd

      40+ resources involving dice. (I like games, and I like dice...) Math games, printable dice, virtual dice, math centers, ancient dice games and more!

    • Myspecialability

      40+ Resources for Dice and Everything Dice Related. Educational of course! :-) Easy templates for teaching math concepts and making games: Kids love dice and seeing dice means fun. Below are some really neat resources for dice. Basically anything and everything dice related, geared towards educational classroom use.  No need to ever stop playing a game if your dice is lost…just make your own! Educational Applications Students can make their own dice and create their own educational games. Make your own…Great following directions activity. Plus they’re quieter! Use literacy dice to create words. Activity selection Any selection…great randomizer. Math! Math! Math! Be Creative…Use your art skills to decorate and personalize your dice. Add comprehension questions to dice. Make quick dice with stickers and your own text 25+ Paper Dice Templates.  Love the ones with the Moon Phases. via Recycled Frockery Virtual Dice via curriculum bits Virtual Dice Customizable…click “customize your die” at bottom. Online Clock Dice Space Dice cool Single switch Online Dice Roll the dice - Chances (probability) Unpractical Math Spinners, Dice, Coins and more! (probability) Free online dice maker (fantastic resource) Dice Games for Kids  Personalized Paper Dice Octahedron Dice Face Dice (customizable) Dice and Game Spinner Templates Printable Musical Dice The Problem with Dice (tricky!) How to Create Printable Dice  Literacy Dice Making Dice in the Classroom (dice spinners, rolling dice) Farkle Score Sheets (Math dice games) Math Games using Dice Yatzi Maxi (online game) Giant Dice (Use a cardboard/tissue box to put this one together) Quiet Dice Idea 1 Quiet Dice Idea 2 Keep the Dice from Flyin’ Shake and Share Addition  Shake and Share Subtraction Math Centers and Games Yahtzee  One Die Games Two Dice Games Ancient Dice Games Giant Dice Templates Math Games for Grades 6-8 StoryTelling with Dice Four Great Math Games (Scholastic) Math and Probability Skills Dice Roller Family Math Games Star Dice Roll the Dice Dice: Your Best Math Manipulative Pips Card, Dice and Dominoes Pin It Visit my new site KB…Konnected Kids. 100+ free educational enrichment sites. Just launched 6-23-12.

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    Free!!! 14 pages of directions for a variety of dice games for fun reinforcers!

    Here are some cool math games for kids that use dominoes and a deck of cards!

    Math Games! I want to play Drop Out tomorrow! It's a little sad that I enjoy new games as much as the kids!

    TONS of math games here (using dice)! All includes printables!!!:)

    Practicing number combinations with dice and dominoes. On the Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop.

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    Laminate these and have the students use them with dry erase markers and dice. Great work stations!...

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    This WPA Federal Art Project poster created between 1936 and 1941 shows two columns of penguins and was used in New York to promote education and civic activity.

    Everyday Math games!

    Game to master basic math facts. Glue cards on poster board. Label a start and finish. To play: Player rolls the dice move the number of spaces rolled and performs the operation of addition, subtraction, etc. (teacher chooses skill). The student must say the number sentence aloud to reinforce the practice and the other players confirm the answer. Student must land on end space to win.

    Dice Genius!!!!

    FREE! Simple and easy dice games for your math tubs or math centers!

    Free Math Printables from Laura Candler's online file cabinet - loads of resources and engaging activities for grades 3 through 6

    FREE Weekly Math Magic - First Grade

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    Roll/Dice Games

    Here are 10 engaging ways to use 10 frames in your primary classroom! One set of 10 frame cards can help your students build numeracy, additive reasoning and more!

    Math in the Style of Daily 5. Link to explanations, resources, etc. Wow!