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Beautiful Women With Tattoos

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I usually pin something here because i like the tattoo, i'm pinning this one because i like Her.

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Tattoo Model Victoria Van Violence with Manic Panic Green Envy hair colour!

Red hair and tattoos. This is freakin amazing. I love the hair color, the tats, the pose and the wolf jacket.

pinner says: "Ink, I just think those shorts are pretty bad ass too!" (great pun by the way!) For all tattooed skincare needs. Australian made from high quality natural essential oils. Best Pre\Post tattoo care. Beaded and tattoos. Inked girls

Her makeup and everything else ;)

Sexy Black&White

i need to distinguish between "attractive people with tattoos" and "creative tattoo designs" but it's so easy to lump them together on pinterest

More Ana inspiration. Jake Raynor photography @ ShockBlast

Sara Fabel I so wanna shave part or my head n wear my hair like this but I'm too chicken shit lol

May very well be my next tattoo, the butterfly wings but with a bit of color