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How to Make Peppermint Essential Oil

How to make peppermint essential oil. I need to remember this in a few months when my mint plants are out of control...

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Uses of Pine Tree Oil

Uses for pine essential oil. I am going to be extracting some for fragrance, but I can use some for skincare <3

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12 Best Essential Oils for Skin

Keep your skin gorgeous—and fight acne, aging and dryness—with these essential oils for skin.


How To: Make Your Own Perfume

Another good DIY Perfume site. Offers different profiles/formulas for % of base, middle/heart, and top notes.

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How to Extract Oil From Rosemary

DIY rosemary oil ~ drying herbs (use leaves only) is important to prevent molds in oil. use double boiler/crockpot. simmer on low heat for 3 hrs. strain oil, store and keep on a cool , dry place.

*PINE* There are over a hundred different species of pine. Not only can the food be used as a supply of nourishment but, also can be used for medicinal purposes. Simmer a bowl of water and add some pine needles to make tea. Native americans used to ground up pine to cure skurvy, its rich in vitamin C.

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How to Make Homemade Essential Oils With a Crock-Pot

how to make homemade essential oils with a crock pot.

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How To Make Your Own Peppermint Essential Oil

Cure migraine headache with peppermint oil Pinned for Pink Pad, the women's health app with built-in social network.

PINE is a spiritual cleanser. Because it is evergreen, it also Draws Steady Money. Cleansing Incense, Floor Wash, and Bath: The Iroquois burned PINE Wood Chips, Needles or Pine Resin as an incense when moving into a vacant house, to Drive Out Spirits. If mixed with Camphor, the result is stronger. Placing PINE NEEDLES in a bath is said to Remove Mental Negativity. Pine-Tar Soap also has this effect. Pine-Sol, a commercial PINE-Scented Cleaner, can be dosed with PINE NEEDLES

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Make DIY Snowflakes with a Christmas Tree Branch — Family Fun

Make DIY Snowflakes with a Christmas Tree Branch Family Fun

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Handmade Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Soap Recipe for Men

Homemade Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Soap Recipe for Men

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Essential Oils For Survival - 80 Tea Tree Oil Uses

Essential Oils For Survival - 80 Tea Tree Oil Uses | #survivallife

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How to Distill Essential Oils

How To Distill Essential Oils for herbs from my garden!

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Essential Oil Making: Home Distillation

Extracting and Distilling your Own Essential Oils

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DIY Homemade Candles

DIY Homemade Candles (with natural lavender-rosemary scent): 4 cups* soy flakes 2 wicks with a metal base 30 drops each per candle: lavender essential oil & rosemary essential oil 2 jars 1 tsp dried rosemary, per candle 1 tsp dried lavender buds, per candle 1 double-boiler, skewer, chop-stick for stirring wax 2 large clothespins 2 washcloths for each jar