camel with a neon pop

Desert shadows - Couldn't find the photographers name to give credit for this amazing photo, just listed under National Geographic

pink + camel

Despite popular belief, a camel's hump stores not water, but fat - about 80 pounds of it. With this energy supply on its back, camel can go several days without eating. As it goes through the fat store, the hump shrinks and gets flabby. It gets firm again after the animal refuels.

Neon Purple Dress…. Nicely Accented With A Striking HOT Pink Belt && A Highlighter Yellow Bracelet!! Love This! #beach #summertime #stylingchaos

Everyone and everything in India dresses in brights, including the main attraction at the annual Pushkar Camel Fair.

neon cardigan over a neutral midi dress as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker

A pack of camels trekkin through the Sahara Desert. The low angle of the sun projects the shadows on the sand.


Isaac & Rebekah story We Love Being Moms!: Letter C (Camel)


Robyn with her camel Zeleika: For two years before she started the trek, Robyn trained the...

My fashion idol completely. pure genius.

A Young Camel Calf. (Photo By: Andrzej Bochenski.)

Paris Another sign of the fall season's polka dot trend peeks out from a floor-length fur coat. Photo: Courtney D'Alesio- hippie chic

Camels in Cabo San Lucas?! Yes, says "Pecos" the camel.

jenni kayne red suede heels/camel leather skirt/oversize sweater top/top bun. #readyforfall



baby camel :D Well I've never seen a baby camel.

Chic black with neutrals, urban classic.