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Poster Hops Chart

The Hops Chart. Visualizing Bitterness, Flavors & Aromas of Beer Brewing Hops. by via Adventures in Homebrewing from the Designer, Zeke Shore: 66 Varieties of commerciall…

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Any Pinot lover knows Brettanomyces, the source of those aromas and flavors that remind one of wet bandaids.  For some, it's another layer of complexity (a good marker for a wine lover with an 'Old World' palate), but for others, it's the kiss of death, often resulting in the wine going down the drain.  Any Pinot lover will find this new Brettanomyces aroma wheel useful!  Thanks to the folks at UC Davis, source of the original Wine Aroma Wheel.  kIQ97yz.jpg (887×883)

Not every variety of Brett "Funk" is something you want in your beer. This Brettanomyces flavor and aroma wheel helps to group and categorize the various potential byproducts of Brettanomyces aging.

The History of Beer Infographic

The history of beer dates back over years to when fermented alcoholic drinks were first being brewed in rural China. This timeline charts the ev

beer style chart

People make many assumption about a beer's alcohol content based on its color and style. These charts from StrangeBrew show only one of those has an impact.

ginger beer plant

Ginger Beer plant/paste (probiotic)

Product: You will receive 2 tablespoons of live organic healthy ginger beer plant. You will also receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to get start

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