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Get some!

Delicious brew...delicious!!

You should be drinking as much of this as I am.

Odell Brewing Company has several beers I like. Their 90 Shilling was my "gateway" beer into my current love of Craft beers over domestic. Their IPA is currently my 2nd favorite IPA

Avery IPA - it took me a while to appreciate a good IPA. I think this is currently my favorite, can't wait for them to come back to NE!

Upstream Brewing Company - I won't list a beer here. While I do like their Firehouse Red Lager at my "go-to" beer, I find I really enjoy exploring their seasonals.

Boulevard Brewing Company has several beers I like but they won my heart last year when they released their Chocolate Ale. Of all the chocolate ales I've tasted, it is by far the smoothest. Not something you'd sit and drink all night but a wonderful change of pace. I can't wait for the next release.

Nebraska Brewing Company's Brunette is my favorite brown ale. Always a good "go to" beer.

Back In Black IPA