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fox and the hound

"Darlin' forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things" -Big Mama, Fox & the Hound♡, Disney Quote

cute fox and the hound quotes - Google Search

fox and the hound quotes - this one still gives me goosebumps and teary-eyed

The Fox and the Hound. My all time favorite disney movie. I cry ever time!

Day 24 saddest disney movie: fox and the hound. saddest scene ever. Makes me cry my eyes out every time T_T

fox and the hound #food

The fox and the hound. While i love the movie, this is the Disney movie I just cannot watch! I love these two but it's so so sad and always makes me cry!

I cried soooo hard lol, I still would cry if I watched it! <3 fox and the hound.

Childhood trauma

my heart broke just looking at this picture. I cry everytime I watch The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound and just cried a bit reading and remembering this my number one fave

The Fox and the Hound and just cried a bit reading and remembering this my number one fave. I bawl my eyes out on this part EVERY time.

my girls should remember pooh and the wishing star. Flap like a bird, Jump like a fish, sit down, stand up, wish wish wish wish

Just had Hundred Acre Woods this weekend and thought that it would be appropriate to pin.

Ohhhhhh this is so adorable I live this quote and I will remember this always! Awesomesauce Christopher Robin quote Winnie the pooh so wise and Awesomesauce!

Face-In-The-Clouds-Mufasa said it... I will follow him.

Disney Movies' Wise Words/Advice: "Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become." -Mufasa from The Lion King

Love thyself first

For all the girls out there who need a little encouragement! :) You are all beautiful! Don't worry about your appearance and just let your personality shine through! People can't judge u for who you are, live life to the fullest!