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  • Nicola Daws

    Lucas North gif - richard-armitage Fan Art NIGHT TIME STUBBLE THANKS MY SWEET @Kay Richards V Boswell

  • Riley

    why hello there. Richard Armitage Rocks!!!!

  • Gretchen

    (1.) Richard wakes abruptly from the dream in the middle of the night, gasping like he's just emerged from deep water. He reaches out for Gretchen, but isn't her name he instinctively says at first... Anna. That was what her name had been back then. And it was definitely her, too - same face, same green eyes and strong, curvaceous body.. But her hair was different, it was much longer. Oh, how he had loved her then. They had known each other since childhood, and she had been a perfect match for him in every way. He had dreamed all his life of making her his bride, watching their children play on the shores of the great ocean, and growing old together. But that wasn't what happened... Oh, God.. that wasn't how it happened. The details of the dream - full of what he now knows in his heart are memories - wash over him.

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Are those leather? Lol We thought you learned your lesson after Sir Guy. 《 i dunno. Prob just shiny denim.

"You know the mission, H.J.K. Don't try anything funny without me." Hans smiled as the voice of his friend came over the ear piece. "You're just jealous because you're stuck in the getaway van, Mickie," he use the old nickname he had dubbed him years ago. "Hey, initials, remember?" "Oh, right, of course, M.B.G."

I this picture! Everything about it!

Ooooohh- we will see if there is a transition to brown leather jackets this go round