Brad Pitt by Tony Duran

Legends of the Fall

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Brad pitt long hair and beard, love it!

Brad Pitt

BRAD PITT photo | Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

brad pitt

Brad Pitt - Legends of the Fall. I have a limited edition print of this with a movie poster in frame. It's lovely.

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Brad Pitt

classic, timeless beauty

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt...really..what a bummer...if one can drive you that far..or just a last jab to the solar plexus?

he’s Brad Pitt – that smile, those eyes, that body! Plus, he’s a phenomenal actor, a great father, and he’s got a wicked sense of humor. If it were only up to me, he would be the ultimate hottest celebrity man to lust after for ever and ever.]]] what she said.

VANITY FAIR BRAD PITT | Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black

Ian Somerhalder <3


Chris Hemsworth

brad pitt x