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I couldn't decide whether to pin this under funny or's funny because it's most likely true!



This is so true.

If your job is to tell me how to do my job, you should at least know how to do my job.

This happens to me all the time!

Go to work. Punch in. Do your own job. Mind your own business. Punch out. Go home. Simple.

#funny you gonna act like a bitch, you'll die like a bitch

It's stupid how accurate this is.

memes about coworkers - Google Search

Funny Workplace Ecard: Oh, that task isn't in your job description? Well, dealing with your bullshit isn't in mine.

Work place humor. First I laughed. Then I zeroed in on HIPAA being spelled incorrectly. I thank my co-workers for that.

Every single day

Exactly! lol



Forget genetics, the leading cause of alcoholism is probably the general public.

Hahahaha!! This is me!


If there was ever a quote that perfectly represented my day... It would be this one

LOL ... check!! "Congrats on getting away with stuff I GOT fired for"

You simply need to look at my I SO would board to know who it is that I have licked! Mine I tell ya!!!!!