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    number chains

    number spider

    Number Chains

    Sums of 10 with a clothes hanger


    Number Bonds

    Park the right number of cars

    Addition within 10 . . . . Handy!

    Here is an example of a student's 100th day of school necklace. It is made out of fruit loops. Students were encouraged to make patterns with the colors, as well as, make sections of 10 by using the dividers to separate the groups.

    Math Coach's Corner: Using Number Bracelets to Develop Number Sense. Like dot cards and rekenreks, number bracelets provide concrete practice for number combinations and composing/decomposing numbers. Check out this post for instructions for making and using number bracelets.

    Adding machine! :-) super simple to make and fun for the kids to learn about adding/composing numbers!

    I've used this before but I like the idea of laminating or putting in Smart Pal pockets to keep reusing for different groups.

    100th Day of school Ten Frame party hat. Students find 10 different ways of making 10.

    Number Bonds

    Addition anchor chart

    Trace hands, cut out & glue down, except for the fingers. Make sums to 10 & record underneath.

    number sense

    Use Legos to compare numbers and use greater and less than symbols

    Number Detectives

    Number of the day

    Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number