• Elena Porcelli

    The famous Friday market in Midtown, Amman. You can find everything here for very cheap, including black market I'm certain. Midtown is famous in Lonely Planet Travel Guides to Jordan, as is the famous Hashem restaurant that all tourists insist on eating at :)

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Jordanian royal family at princess Ayah bint Faisal wedding. #amman #Jordan

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The Blue Mosque in Amman, Jordan.

King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art by Zaha Hadid, a new performing arts centre in Amman, Jordan

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Amman, Jordan,

Jordanian Traditional Clothing

Magali (fried foods) With fried zucchini, eggs, eggplants, cauliflower, even peppers! A great dish! Jordan


Mansaf. A traditional Jordanian dish made of Lamb, rice, fermented yogurt and delicious roasted almonds.

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The ancient Roman city of Umm Qays, or Gadara (as it is known in the Bible)

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Mansaf, Jordan's national dish.

Try Knafeh! A beautiful dessert that mixes cheese and sweet syrup! A good metaphor of the contrasted city of Amman!

Make your own perfume in downtown Amman- make your own mix based on the smells you like most!

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"bedouin tent"

#Ajloun castle in #Jordan was built by Saladins nephew in 1184 to protect the country against Crusader attacks. What a beautiful piece of history. Rent a cabin right next to it!

Aqaba in Jordan

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