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  • Mrs. Liddiard's Perch

    Awesome kindergarten blog that's all about teaching with Common Core standards.

  • Debbie Roe

    Kindergarten teacher blog. There are a lot of activities at this site. This link points to Math games aligned to Common Core that can be printed off.

  • Jennifer Sheerin

    Literacy Centers, Guided Reading and Guided Math -Kindergarten and Play- Doh Sight word work

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This freebie is a set of the Kindergarten grade Common Core language arts standards. Print this out and keep it in your teacher binder or on a clipboard so you can refer to it throughout the year!

Addition printables that align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) K.OA.1 and K.OA.2-

Common Core Writing and Kindergarten by Dee Dee Willis and Deanna Jump. It is not free but these 2 ladies are amazing and I find writing one of the most difficult skills to teach.

$5.50 This 22 page unit is perfect for K-2 students. All of the ideas have been done with actual students for over 5 years. The unit includes: a list ...

I need to send this to all those well-meaning friends who send chain e-mails that I have to debunk with Snopes or TruthOrFiction because they won't. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!

The Common Core... Will be using this quite frequently next year!

PARENTS PARENTS -- YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ---- 3 VIDEOS ---- Indoctrination and Data Mining in Common Core: Here’s Why America’s Schools May Be in More Trouble Than You Think Beck - The Blaze