Robert Longo, Men Trapped In Ice, 1979


An example of creative art thoughts in setting up a long haired man with hat on a short chair and his dog with alert ears sitting in a fancy beach chair... and LUCK in capturing two seagulls flying above, each just beyond the canine's & humans head. #DdO:) - - Excellent ocean waves black & white photo pinned via ebobbio's French board for LIGHT and DARKNESS.

I found her beguiling to look at - dusted as she was in cobwebs of snow, with wind-blown stars on her lips. As I studied this statue, I fell from the world and was enchanted, never to be the same. Serenity, she was named, and I would not return from her. #creative writing by #julie tait #inspired by image #statues #beauty #black and white portrait photography #photography #concept art photography

“luzfosca: Vo Anh Kiet My Balloon - Hmong children play with their balloons on a foggy day in Moc Chau, Ha Giang province, Vietnam; photographed January 2012. ”

#pole #ice #white #sea #blue #places


Turns to a blood bath


She glanced at him from time to time curiously watching him paddle the boat. Stop looking at him Gale, its weird, she thinks to herself but she looks one more time to find him looking at her

Me, Avery, the outcast and Jessie, the Queen Bee are handcuffed together and running for our lives...

wanderlust by Greta Tuckute

Josephine Sacabo

: two :

EUSEBIA was the spirit of piety, loyalty, duty and filial respect. She was the wife of Nomos (Law). Photographer: Damier Lihanov Ramse

Japan in 1954 "Shy girls, Yaizu (焼津)Shizuoka (静岡) prefecture、Japan, 1954. Robert Capa. (1913 - 1954)"

underwater photographs by Kanoa Zimmerman.

view from below