• Addie Desing

    Now this outdoes the Camioncyclette or whatever that was called earlier...2 kegs with 50 ft. of cooling coil, a rear basket big enough to fit pizza boxes and a stereo system on the back end. This just gets better and better.

  • Ethical Marketing

    As the beverage director of Donnelly Group’s eight Vancouver pubs, few have done more than Kallies to spread the gospel of beer cocktails in this market. Kallies has created and promoted original beer cocktails for pub openings and for serious competitions. Phillip Ross of Metrofiets rolls out the new Hopworks party bike, complete with wood bar, kegs on tap, pizza rack, sound system, and mountains of mojo.

  • Devon DeBlasio

    A Bicycle That Is a Combination Bar, Pizzeria, and Dance Club

  • Audra Jamai White

    I heart Cargo Bikes. #SUB = Sport Utility Bike Beer Bike!

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Crochet Cheat Sheet Oombawka Design Take a look at this awesome Crochet Cheat Sheet! This is a great resource. :-)

These women's slippers are easily made by crocheting all in one piece.

Paper doll

origami dress diy . . . great diy video...made this and can't wait to make more...endless possibilities...book pages, scrap paper, children's handwriting!, old letters (copies from my Gran)...my mind is racing! . . .gift tags, package decor, ornament, garland, scrap page, journal!!!...i LOVE this (can you tell?) . . .vintage trims (oh...gotta stop and make more!!!)

Banana Bread In-A-Jar. If you put a canning lid on them when they first come out of the oven, they seal, and they will stay good for about two months. I've given my parents dessert in a jar for Christmas for years. I do pumpkin bread, carrot cake, and applesauce cake. You can do it with any moist bread or cake

Native American Tribe Maps | Ancient Winds And Memories of A Time Long Ago | Lochgarry's Blog

true story.

Crock Pot Baked Potatoes -- what a great idea! Great for summertime, too, when you don't want to heat your oven! another pinner says: We do this all the time only we don’t even wrap ours! Just scrub, spray lightly the crockpot and potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. The skins get yummy and delicious just like at a restaurant!! - going to try this!

Vintage 1930s dress

The Lettie Lane Paper Family: The Bridegroom, 1909


Lasagna Soup...only 225 calories a bowl

25-year-old Philadelphia bicycle courier Rudi Saldia started taking his kitten, MJ, along with him on his deliveries, propping the cat on his shoulders as he navigates the busy streets of Center City. He recorded the journeys and reactions from those that witness the unusual sight, and after just a few weeks on YouTube the video has well over 1 million views.

sterling silver teapot necklace

wouldn't it be nice

A cold frame with a glass top can give you a 12-month growing season, even in Maine, and it's the easiest and most economical way to extend your harvest. Build the one described here, and you're on your way to fresh veggies year round. Via vegetablegardener...

Castle Renovation by Witherford Watson Mann, Warwickshire, England

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Hawaiian Baked Ham and Swiss Sandwiches - - this is delicious!!

Go the beard!

AMAZING! Voice-activated grocery list! Say what you need while it's on your mind and a week later when you actually go shopping it will print you a list!