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    Randy Asplund Art Joan of Arc Miniature Books. Randy makes authentic re-made books and many other arts. Amazing :-)

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Another one with the draped braids like like to do. I'm really interesting on what's going on in with the loose hair too the side too. Maybe a really loose braid on curly hair, but the braid seems to start above the circlet. I need to get some more angles.

Joan of Arc - she led the French to several important victories in the 100 year war - she was captured and burned at the stake at the age of 19. Joan said that she received visions from God instructing her to support Charles V11 and to free France from English domination

Joan of Arc, who inspired her people with amazing courage and befuddled her persecutors with her untrained, well-spoken self-defense.

Joan of Arc: I'm so fascinated by this woman's life story! Lord, make us brave!

Joan of Arc. Maybe she was a bit batty, or maybe she was just trying anything she could to get a bunch of sexist men to listen to her advice (I think the latter, obviously)

I want to build a reading nook out of reading material! This is an installation piece at the Whitney Art Works Gallery in Maine by Aaron T. Stephan entitled "Building Houses/Hiding Under Rocks" from 2007.

heaveninawildflower: Orchids: Their Culture and Management by Hopkins Rare Books, Manuscripts, & Archives on Flickr. Orchids: Their Culture and Management. London, 1903.