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  • Pin Masti

    Facebook Humor

  • femme gauche

    The #ScumbagAmerica meme specifically meant for the election of 2000. Florida: the next worst thing after George W. Bush.

  • Elina H

    Douchebag America

  • Gabi

    That's right people the The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) has the only patent on Cannabinoids

  • Carolyn Beaugrand

    On my bucket list - I want to visit all 50 states. I'm up to 28!

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And PIPA and The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. #ScumbagAmerica

Makes me laugh - the side effects of having a creative vein, as any real Princess would have . . . . . . ;)

When it's time for me to get a hip replacement - I'm going to Spain for two years.

Eat Like no one is Watching handpainted wall art sign hanging by TheBumpyRoad on Etsy

He doesn't know that German is a language. OMG. His private tutor should be smacked.

i love this... unfortunately I'm cynical though, and know specific people who would take advantage of this.

Yes. I agree. There is a time to be serious, but there is a time also to be absolutely ridiculous.

The marriage of conservatism and Christianity is poison for America. Real pro-lifers are vehemently anti-death penalty, btdubs.