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Princess Bride, Star Wars crossover. Not a fan of the latter but this was just too funny.

Average cost of a hip replacement in the US. It's sad, but this little ditty made me laugh hahah. Sounds like a good trip to me, minus the whole hip replacement thing :)

Every. Damn. Day.

Yes! haha

@Kelsey Myers Myers Brunner I hereby swear to repin every funny Psych quote to you... There will be a lot to say the least... lol

Truth... I'm sure my co-workers feel the same way... ha.

Ten is way, way too late: | The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From “30 Rock”

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Eat Like no one is Watching handpainted wall art sign hanging by TheBumpyRoad on Etsy

whatever works for you.

Truth be told... Only in America, such nonsense...


How it was done in the olden days.

HILARIOUS! You will be so glad you read this. And you will laugh out loud. And maybe snort once or twice because they are SO true.

Haha that's me!

Every time

Stay Strong President Obama. Continue to TRY and do what's best for ALL AMERICANS in spite of the the Hatred and Obstacles put before you. Thank You For Your Dignity, Intelligence and Fairness. STAY STRONG!!