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Ansel Elgort, i'm in love.

Zac Efron daaaaaaaaaaamn

Dress, Blair, Chuck, I love everything about this. I dont know what i am going to do without gossip girl. thank goodness for netflix.

Chuck Bass + Nate Archibald; I wish all men dressed like this.

yep. just had an orgasm from a picture.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 2014

Zac Efron ♥

liam ♥

One Direction

Liam Hemsworth ♥

Men of Rosewood - Pretty Little Liars

Ian Harding, marry me.

♥ One Direction (:

Liam and Niall - my two favorites ♥

Niall Horan ♥


my obsession may not be healthy... ♥

in love.

I've come down with one direction infection, excuse me.

neville got hot.

my name is neville longbottom and i become super hot.

ezra ♥

raybans = love.