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An amazing space in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China by Joey Ho / Arch Daily

Arthouse Café located in Hangzhou, China has been designed with triangular windows piercing the faceted walls, which fold around the hospitality design.

Triangular windows pierce the faceted walls that fold around a cafe in Hangzhou, China.

epic structure - Landmark commissioned by the city of Senftenberg in Brandenburg, Germany called "Landmarke Lausitzer Seenland". Designed by Stefan Giers and Susanne Gabriel, architects.

Casa M / monovolume architecture design House M / monovolume architecture design – Plataforma Arquitectura

Concepts such as vitality, prosperity, ecology as meaningful representatives of a bank in Tübingen. A life-sized, 22-metre-high graphical representation of a tree “stands” on the main stairs. The tree is “home” to bugs, leaves, butterflies, birds. From here they overgrow the various floors, helping people find their way around and preventing them from running into things.

the subtleties of brilliant color! thank you for such an inspiring elevator lobby. Techshed / Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design – ArchDaily