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  • Alecia Frank

    One Day My Patience Will Run Out, And I Will Punch You In The Face. Very Hard! #Tumblr (This was one of my favorite quotes ever and it def spoke volumes of how I felt and almost what I was going to seriously do to a certain someone)

  • Kimberlee Lee

    Laughing so hard right now!! They say the funniest things in life are always based in truth ; )

  • Sarah Anzano

    True story

  • Kendra Bantz

    One day my patience will run out. And I will punch you. In the face. Very hard. Threat. Annoyance. Annoyed. Irritated. Irritation. Funny. Anger. Character dialogue

  • Janice Weissinger

    So funny and so true...

  • McKenzie Nielsen

    #OneDay to that special someone

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yeeeessss so freaking true!!! hahah

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