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Love this! But unfortunately our children will know exactly what that is since Rich has a comprehensive system to introduce the kids to classic and contemporary gaming consoles.

I am buying one like this for baby number 2! "Any more questions?" BabytalkDesigns, $22.99

Kaitlyn Marie Marie Fisher can you wear this at your bachelorette party and I'll have one with a girl in a normal dress, with a hand up saying "I'll pass!" hahahah.

Yes! I need this shirt!!! Well, not "me" - but someone I know must have some good cleavage!

I can't find Nemo...

I can think of so many people who would LOVE this tee...myself included! via The Meta Picture

And if I ever see you haven't shaved your horns again, I'll strip you of your ghostbuster privileges.

This is why we like Jewelry....or a pretty arrangement of fake flowers or chocolate. Unless it's PMS week & then we'll all be like, You CAN'T buy me & Are you saying I'm FAKE?! Or Do you WANT me to get fat?! Guys, your only hope is foreplay & spooning. (They are not substitutes for each other. Learn to love them both).

"This is my new favourite way of dealing with negative feedback" / Sandwich shop in the East Village