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It's just....what we do ;)

Funny pictures about Christmas in College. Oh, and cool pics about Christmas in College. Also, Christmas in College.

Some things on Pinterest aren't as easy as they seem

So doing this if I lived in snow. This tree looked like it has murdered someone. I actually tried this and that's what happened.

Two weeks before winter break relaxation.  Do your best, Rams!

“Here's how (who resemble polar bears) do exam. Don't be a polar bear. At least during exam time.

Funny pictures about Farewell cake. Oh, and cool pics about Farewell cake. Also, Farewell cake.

We all have a doppelganger somewhere.

You say coincidence, I say time travel. Coincidence, but the Michael Jackson one was spot on

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

Best feelings - it's the small things ♡

The best things in the world. Suzanne - I totally agree! The simple pleasures always mean the most.

Put water in the peanut butter

funny caption pictures can't staple water to tree ok you win but can you gargle with peanut butter

Celebrity Funnies (20 Pics)

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!

@Melanie Bauer Stofcik ahahah I forgot how great this commercial is!!

"THERE'S NO RULES!" "Put your shirt back on!there's one rule.this commercial always makes me laugh!

OMG. this is actually funny. hahaha.

New Peter Pan Movie Casts

Rupert Grint as Peter Pan. Emma Watson as Wendy. Robert Pattinson as Tinkerbell hahahaha this made me laugh

Breaking Research | Separable short- and long-term memories can form after a momentous occasion

studying incentive, when you reach a gummybear, you get to eat it. I've been studying wrong my whole life. -this might work as a reading incentive for the kids too (especially for those tough chapter books!