lovely shells

Sea Shell Carving. Picture by A Girl Called Jaya

beautiful colors


pastel sea urchin.

Shells of Neritina communis (zigzag nerite)

Seashell heart



Sea Shell Bridal Bouquet - Roses And Teacups

Nautilus Shell - Nature's Perfection Painting by Sharon Cummings - Nautilus Shell - Nature's Perfection Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Shells <3


Beautiful Ammonite Shell - Sacred Geometry #sacredgeometry #sacredgeo. Imagine what would happen if you could shift your mindset so every day unfolded like a miracle? Find out more

The sea

Conch shells

Gorgeous blue feathers

Blue Shells


We are like shells on the beach; Waves of life wash over and renew us; some shells are removed and we may never see them again- we will always remain connected for that momentary wave that we were nourished and bonded -.Donna